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Hello everyone. If you find yourself here, we must be friends through Twitter where I am more active with the writing community. I have been dabbling with the idea of publishing a book for quite some time but I never had the time to fulfill this goal. Now I have the time and I want to move forward.

This is a different kind of Author’s website. I will be discussing my current projects, share some ideas and take feedbacks to engage. I will also share updates so do not forget to sign up for the newsletter. The writer’s corner is a blog, so expect literature that is less professional because to get to know someone, you have to understand who they truly are and where their ideas come from.

I will talk about tools that I use to generate these ideas and I will share how I got them from beginning to end without giving away the storyline, of course. Expect to be excited. Expect to feel motivated. Feel free to take some ideas, mimic them and turn them into your own masterpiece.

What Genre Am I Writing?

As much as I want to write romance, I do not have the romantic bone in my body to create a scene that will make your heart flutter. I am a true fan of creating a psychological thriller, mystery, and horror to entertain the general public. Aside from that subject, I love comedy. I can write humorous dialogue all day.
Included with the updates, you will get a chance to read monologues that I plan to share. I would love to mess with scriptwriting and possibly get some ideas on the big screen one day. I dare to dream.

Let The Journey Begin

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